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How Come Drivers Don’t Use Their Turn Signals Anymore?

Why aren’t more people concerned with safety first?


Why is it that more and more, drivers don’t seem to think it’s important to signal their intent to turn or change lanes?  Here’s my take: drivers don’t use their turn signals anymore because they are on the phone, they have become lazy, and because they are just plain selfish and inconsiderate of other drivers.  That’s right, I said it, yes I did. 

According to national car insurer Response Insurance, 57 percent of drivers admit they don’t use their turn signals.  Of the drivers surveyed, here’s the breakdown:  

  • 42% of those drivers say they don’t have enough time
  • 23% admit they are just plain “lazy”
  • 17% don’t signal because when they do, they forget to turn it off
  • 12% admit they are changing lanes too frequently to bother
  • 11% say it is not important
  • 8% say they don’t signal because other drivers don’t
  • 7% say forgoing the signal “adds excitement to driving”

I am shocked and appalled!  Almost half of the people surveyed who don’t signal say they don’t have the time.  Don’t have the half a second to ensure a safe lane transition and/or turn??  Can you believe this??  My mouth dropped on the floor when I discovered these numbers. 

When did safety become so…unwanted…not important…optional?  I mean, really.  Has the driving public become that careless?  Apparently! 

I have to admit, after I became a more experienced younger driver, I started getting lax about using my turn signals — until I started understanding the potential impact of not doing so.  After I got into a small accident, I discovered that if I hadn’t used my signal, I could have been found at fault instantly.  

The fact that I did signal my intent to change lanes saved me from automatically being declared at fault.  Talk about a light bulb moment!  I decided from then on that, as a safety measure and just plain the right thing to do, I need to use my signals every time I need to change lanes or make a turn.  

Perhaps a public service announcement about the importance of doing this is in order?  Do you think educating people on the importance of doing this would spur a change in thinking, and thus, behavior?  Tell me what you think.

  1. Me
    September 28, 2010 at 8:38 pm

    Yes a PSA is in order. I’m tired of almost running into people at lights ’cause they don’t use their turn signal. Do u know how many people I’ve almost hit while changing lanes because they refuse to use their turn signals? The bad part about it is they are so use to not using their turn signals that they don’t look for other people to use theirs. Come on that’s crazy just ’cause you don’t follow traffic rules doesn’t mean other people are as empty-headed. That bad habit an result in someone being seriously injuried. This bad habit of not using turn signals is CRAZY.
    Should we start a campaign or something? Please do a PSA it’s long overdue.

  1. September 29, 2010 at 5:05 pm
  2. October 6, 2010 at 3:12 pm

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