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Prejudiced Against SUVs?


Courtesy of Steven Johnson

When it comes to driving, I can admit to being prejudiced against SUVs (and minivans, too, for that matter) merging in my lane ahead of me because I drive a compact car.  To others, this prejudice may seem like just a shallow opinion or preference.  But to me, this is a safety concern. 

My issue is that I can’t see around SUVs.  In a compact car, driving behind one is like driving with a wall in front of you.  Can you see through a wall?  No, not unless you’re Superman!  What makes this worse is that SUVs usually have tinted windows.      

Driving behind large vehicles creates a visual impairment that severely limits my ability to make quick decisions should something bad happen on the highway ahead in my lane.  For example, if there was a multiple car pileup ahead, I may not be able to see it in enough time to get out of harm’s way.  I also wouldn’t be able to avoid running over/into that large thingamajig in the road that would give my little car a flat tire.  And there have been many times when I had little to no notice to react because the SUV ahead of me suddenly changed lanes (without signaling) to avoid a turning car or stopped traffic in our lane.  

I am an alert driver who prides herself in knowing who is around me at all times.  That is how I was taught to drive.  So I am not comfortable driving on the road if I have a huge blind spot directly in front of me.  

My solution?  Ultimately, that people would stop buying at least the mammoth-sized SUVs and purchase regular-sized automobiles.  In the meantime, my modus operandi is to seek out a spot behind a vehicle I can see around and then change lanes.  Unfortunately for me, sometimes this means changing lanes often because — ever since the blizzard of 1996 — the roadways are evermore crawling with these menacing behemoths.  

P.S. – Another alternative would be to drive one of these nifty vehicles from the imagination of Steven Johnson — although I don’t foresee carmakers cranking out any of these for public use in the near future.  Oh well!

  1. Me
    October 7, 2010 at 3:25 am

    I wanna know why so many people drive SUVs anyway. First of all they are gas guzzlers, second very few people in this area use them for offroad recreation or hauling and thirdly a good portion of SUV owners don’t have a family large enough to justify them owing an SUV.
    This is an example of people living beyond their means via driving these large vehicles so they can keep up with the Jones. That’s more nonsense on the road. What about the people that can’t drive their mammoth vehicles? They really piss me off. The vehicle is too large for them to manage. Then you have the idiots that drive their SUVs like they’re driving a compact car. Whipping an SUV around a corner or into a parking lot is not cool or smart. These are more reasons people who don’t have a legitimate reason for driving an SUV shouldn’t own one.

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