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Potholes Driving You Crazy?


This year, we have been barraged with potholes due to all the extreme winter weather. These potholes not only drive us crazy because they keep our wheel alignments hopelessly out of whack, but there are so many of them that they are almost impossible to avoid!

Some unfortunate souls have even experienced tire blowouts or worse because of these nuisances. You may be able to get the city/county to pay for the damage if you make a claim.

It could take a while to fix them all, so we’ll have to exercise some patience (and maybe just put an extra wheel alignment in the budget for the next couple of months). Feel free to vent about your personal experiences or ones you’ve witnessed in the comments section.

To aid the entire effort, please see some online resources you can use to report those nasty, pesky, awful potholes. When filing your report, please provide the precise location, a picture (if possible), and the severity of the potholes.

Vaya con Dios!



Dial 202-727-1000 or311 (if dialing from within the city), fill out an online request, or tweet @DDOTDC.


Maryland (State Highway Administration)

If the road is a numbered route such as Rte. 355, 117, please contact Maryland State Highway at 301-513-7300. You can also fill out an online request.


Montgomery County

See Maryland State Highway Administration above. You can also call the County at 240-777-0311 or 311 if you are calling from within the county. Or fill out an online request.


Prince George’s County

See Maryland State Highway Administration above. To report a pothole on a County maintained road, please call 301-499-8520 or fill out an online request.



Baltimore City (BCDOT)

Use Facebook, Twitter, call 311, or fill out a request form.


Baltimore County

Call 410-887-3560, e-mail, or fill out a request form.


Howard County

Contact the Highways Operations Division at 410-313-2900, by email, or fill out an online request.


Anne Arundel County

Call the Pothole Hotline: (410) 222-7045 or your appropriate road district.  Road districts are open from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.  You may also report a pothole by email:


Virginia (VDOT)

To report any road maintenance issues, you can call 1-800-FOR-ROAD (1-800-367-7623), call 703-383-8368, or fill out an online request.


Arlington County

Call 703-228-6570 or fill out an online request. You can also report a problem on Facebook or Twitter.


Fairfax County

If there’s a pothole on a road you know is maintained by the county, then contact 703-877-2800 or see VDOT above.

Do You Warn Other Drivers of Speed Traps?

Speed Trap Sign

Today, another driver flashed their lights to warn me of a speed trap. This really surprised me and got me thinking, “when was the last time another driver warned me of a speed trap?” And, I honestly couldn’t think of the last time!

That’s really bad. What happened?? Just ten years ago, I remember frequently encountering headlight flashing from fellow motorists trying to prevent others from getting speeding tickets. But, the past few years? Zip…nada…nothing!

Perhaps people have become afraid to do this out of fear of retaliation from the police? To a certain extent, I don’t blame them. There have been real cases of good Samaritans who have been actually been arrested for warning other drivers. Yep. Sad, but true.

Many people agree that this practice is not ethical or moral. Especially since, these days, it seems the speed trap’s sole purpose is to raise revenue for states, cities, and local municipalities rather than maintain everyone’s safety.

And now, thanks to a U.S. District Court Judge, it’s not legal, either. This judge ruled that flashing lights to warn other drivers of speedtraps is free speech, protected under the First Amendment.

Hurray for the federal protection of good Samaritans! Now that that’s over…let’s get back to warning each other.

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